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    This course introduces students to engineering ethics and an engineer’s responsibilities towards safety, health and welfare of the public. It places emphasis on the engineer as a professional man, engineers & society,code of ethics and professional conduct, standards, laws and regulations pertaining to professional engineering practice. At the end of the course, students should be able to demonstrate and apply engineering professional ethics in their career as an engineer.

    1. Outline the professional engineering bodies and route to professional engineer.
    2. Outline the professional Engineering related issues and ethics.
    3. Analyze the ethical problems and plan for solution using systematic approaches.
    4. Organize effectively in group project – Academic Contribution.
    5. Organize effectively in group project – Cooperation.
    6. Organize effectively in group project reports presentation –Technical Contribution.
    7. Outline effectively using appropriate presentation tools.

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    - Definition, Historical aspects and industrialization of Malaysia.

    Professional Engineering Bodies:
    - BEM, IEM, ACEM, IMarEST etc., Requirement and procedure for registration as a graduate engineer in Malaysia, Route to become a professional engineer.

    Hand out Assignment 1 questions.

    Professional Ethics:
    - The engineer as a professional man, Engineers and society.

    Student hand in the Assignment 1 solution.

    Professional Ethics:
    - Code of ethics and professional conduct for engineers.

    Hand out Group Project.

    Seminar (optional):
    - An External speaker will be invited to give a lecture on topic related to his/her experiences in practice/industry.
    - Date and venue will be announced.

    Professional Ethics:
    - Technology and work ethics, Applying global ethics in engineering organizations.

    Engineering Professional Practice:Laws and Regulation:
    - Registration of Engineers Act 1967: Registration of Engineers Regulation 1990 (Revised 2003).
    - Regulations related to engineering governance.

    Hand out Assignment 2 questions.

    Engineering Professional Practice: Laws and Regulation:
    - Employment Act
    - Industrial Relation Act, 1967, (Revised 1976).

    Student hand in the Assignment 2 solution.

    Health and Safety:
    - Factory and Machinery Act,1967
    - OSHA
    - Accidents and Safety Management

    - How standards are developed (National and International).
    - Examples of some relevant standards

    Project presentation / Revision.

    Student hand in Group Project.

    Project Presentation


Chapter 1 : Introduction [ Click here ]
Chapter 1 extra note [ Click here ]

Chapter 2 : Professional bodies [ Click here ]
Chapter 2 extra note [ Click here ]

Chapter 3 : Professional ethics [ Click here ]

Chapter 4 : Law and regulation [ Click here ]

Chapter 5 : Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) [ Click here ]

Chapter 6 : Standard [ Click here ]


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    Test 1 : 30%
    Individual assignment : 2 x 10% = 20%
    Group project formal report : 30%
    Group project presentation : 10%
    Student's attendance * : 5%
    Student's peer evaluation : 5%

    No final examination for this course.

    * Student must attend not less than 80% of lecture hours as required for the subject.

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